About dolls


The work at my doll line began in 2011. Models that are the base for the dolls were created and elaborated at many stages: they had to combine the beauty of the doll and the aesthetic appearance of the joints, as well as their proper functioning. As a result, every part had to flow smoothly into each other, allowing the doll to look beautiful in any pose.

Stylization is important as well. I wanted my work to demonstrate my individual style. I made my dolls like teenagers, tall and thin, with a hint of disproportion and unique grace.

I trusted classics in the choice of materials. In my opinion, there is nothing better than sparkling, translucent porcelain that is so similar to the complexion. The dolls are pained with china paint that are fired at a high temperature and are “burnt-in” in the porcelain. These paints will never fade and will not darken.

Clothing is sewn by hand of natural materials. Mostly I use a variety of silks, sometimes thin cotton, lace, Japanese beads. The shoes are made from the finest natural leather.
Jewelry is created in the workshop of noble materials: silver and gemstone jewelry.

It’s very important for me to create something new and to express my own sense of beauty. I create dolls that do not look like anything other, they are unique dolls to the utmost degree. I am inspired by all kinds of art, and I think each of them largely contributes to my work. The most important thing for me is to create the beautiful things.